Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Shred

Today rocked!! You know its going to be a good day when it sounds like Falluja up there. Avalanche bombs going off everywhere. Walk on trams and no crowds with plenty of powder to go around! Better enjoy it before the holiday beaters come into town. They shut the tram down due to weather around 12:30 today. That means Friday is going to be even better with the new snow they are calling for tonight. Kids were getting after it today. Saw one air the hanging bowl double. Still a little thin for my tastes, but hey he did it. Also looks like ski patrol has no snow fence blocking the mini chute before Blackjack corner. Hit some sharks in there today, but after tonight's storm its going to be ready! Even the bottom of the mtn was firing. Saturday is also going to be good and bluebird, but I expect the crowds.

Snowboarding rules!

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Jennie said...

if you see a short blond skier with pigtails and volkl's on the tram say hi. I there until 10:30 incredible!