Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Season Pass

I would be a rich man if I invested all my money instead of buying a season pass every year. But then again money can not buy happiness!

At least this one was free. Nothing like trading photos for the website for a season pass. After they used my photo for an ad in Transworld I asked them for a day pass for my roomate who was in the ad. They said no. I never took another photo for them.

Before Park City had its amazing park, The Canyons was the spot in Utah to jib. Kids were all over the chance to jib the boxes, rails and tabletops. Too bad The Canyons let the park slip and lost the market. Their decision makers should be fired! They could have been what Park City is today! I don't recommend the Canyons to anyone anymore. If you want to jib, PC is the place. If you want pow, the Cottonwoods is the place.

The Butte was a good time. I still think the terrain there rivals the Bird or Jackson. It just does not get the big dumps on a consistent basis like Utah or Wyoming. I only made it through February until I packed up and moved back to Utah. However some of the sketchiest lines I have ever done were thrown down on that mountain.

On the drive to Utah from CB my car blew a head gasket outside of Green River. I had to put all my belongings in storage and catch a Greyhound bus to Utah. Dave picked me up and let me crash at his pad. My first day back in Utah it dumped 4 feet. I knew I made the right decision to come back.

My first year at the Bird I will never forget. It opened my eyes. It would be the last season that the "crew" would all ride together intact before going our separate ways!

Me and Knucklz had a contest on who could have the goofiest pass photo. Believe it or not Knucklz won! This was also the year I got the most days on a snowboard ever, over 155 days that year. I seriously doubt I will be able to pull this off again until I retire.

Straight from Baltimore to Colorado. I had no idea what I was doing. Sorel boots and a LL Bean jacket and an old Burton Air board. How far I have come! We also had 5 guys living in the master bedroom in a house in Edwards. We built two bunkbeds and one slept on the floor. I guess when the stoke is that fresh you dont mind the sacrifices needed to shred.


ben-day-ho said...

wow. those shots are epic. maybe i should come over and we can put up all my passses. i have a fu*kload. you have inspired me. can we shred soon or what??

Dan T said...

wow. that's all I can say. I forgot about the long hair and the dreads poking from the bike helmet. Did you use only a shell helmet when you raced with dreads?

saw the movie hustle and flow...loved it...kind of movie and soundtrack that makes you want to live it over again through headphones while riding/boarding.

UtRider said...

Bring back the hair!

Anonymous said...


You're my HERO!

Anonymous said...

what utrider said. the hair is where its at.

dude said...