Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yes your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That was the tram line today. 35 inches of new snow from the last storm, bluebird and a Saturday. I expected the worse and this is what I got!

Shane is back in town for Christmas. It was fun to ride with old friends today!
"Micah, do you think that tram line was worth this turn?"

It was a beautiful day!

Micah goes back for more.

Micah pops into some fresh.

If Baldy opened after I left today I am going to be bummed. Patrol told me it wasn't going to open.
Good times!


ben-day-ho said...

so fucking fun!!!

Nose Dradamous said...

Shane better be from Europe grabbing method like that. Or like Ben would say, "why does he need to grab his board? It ain't gonna fall off!"

Happy Holidays Gladding family.