Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wheeler Cyclocross

I raced the single speed Saturday at Wheeler Farm again. Instead of saying "racing" a better term would be "participating". I got passed by old guys, young girls, circus clowns on tricycles, etc... If it rode a bike, it went faster than me today. But cyclocross is alot of fun and it didn't really bother me; what better way to burn off Thanksgiving. The course was the best one at Wheeler yet, lots of twisty turns, bumpy grass to make it feel like a true cross course. The run-up hurt more than usual with the extra barriers thrown in. Good times! Its fun to go out and suffer. I heard that a lot of people were crashing and flatting. My rear tire didnt go flat until last night, at least it made it throught the race.

I saw Brad Keyes show up, its good to see more guys coming over from the mtb. Where are the rest of the singlespeed class that races mtb? I may be slow, but at least I am racing. Steve Wasmund and Jon are not afraid to race both disciplines. The rest of the guys need to man up.

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Anonymous said...

Always good to run into you. That was a really fun course on Sat. I flatted out, guess I should have brought an extra wheelset but that would mean I was serious.