Monday, September 24, 2007


I just saw that the Widowmaker was last weekend. Its a mtn bike race starting at the bottom of the Mid Gad Chairlift and ending at the top of the tram at Snowbird. 5 miles and 3000 vertical. I guess Alex Grant won it this year. His time was 50 mins 59 seconds.

I won the overall back in 99. I used my granny gear alot. I did it in T shirt. I wonder how my time stacks up today? Maybe Fox has some old archives of race results with that info? I won dinner to Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta, an after race massage and a nights stay at the resort (non-ski season).

In 2000 they use to run the Snowbird Hillclimb road race on Saturday and then the Widowmaker on Sunday. They had a stage race category where they combined the times of both days for the overall winner. I decided to do both races. I raced the road race in baggys, a tshirt and on this old Specialized carbon fiber Epic with aluminum lugs. At high speed the frame would shake from speed wobbles from the lugs being loose. It was geared way too hard for climbing and was too big for me. The seatpost didn't come up off the top tube. I did the road portion in 51 minutes, I know this cause somewhere at the bottom of an old shoebox there is a photo of me coming across the line with the time above it. The next day I took second overall in the Widowmaker and won my age division. I also got 2nd overall in the stage race event. I won 2 nights stay at the resort (non-ski season). I wonder if the prizes are better or worse now?

In 2001 I did a full tear on my MCL. It didn't require surgery, but it put me off my feet most of the summer. I was only my bike 10 days before the race and I suffered so badly! I think most of the females beat me that year.

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