Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tour Analysis

Its actually been an ok Tour. With the boring Lance era behind us and the Floyd scandal left behind, it seems like the Tour is moving foward.

Cancellara is the man. He brought more honor to the yellow jersey than anyone in the last decade by his gutsy win the other day. None of this "I am in yellow, better not take any chances" attitude that seems to be prevelant since the Lance era took over. That was one for the ages. Did you see the look on the faces of the breakaway when they saw the yellow jersey come screaming by them like they were sitting still? That made the tour not gay. Also I think its rad how he let his legs say "screw you" for being left off the tour team last year since the team was built around Basso who wound up not being allowed to start.

Levi you will never be a tour winner. The way Vino bitch slapped you two years ago to overtake 5th from you by winning on the "Champs" and getting the time bonus was spectacular. Tour winners dont take that kind of beating. You lack the panache to make it happen also you are riding a Trek.

Kloden and Hicapie are doped. How do you beat an olympic track star (Wiggins) at his distance? When is Hincapie going to realize he isnt going to get anywhere riding a Trek too?

The first real true winner from last years tour was Micheal Rogers. The rest were doped.

I love the crashes, its giving the sport legitmacy.

Boonen will win green. To all the Boonen haters out there, he is the man. Not only can he sprint with the best of them, but he will ride you off his wheel at Flanders. Let me see any other sprinter do that. However is going to have some competition from McEwen, that dude is king of the sprint when it gets messy.

Zabel will get 3 more second places and walk away without a win.

But the best thing about this Tour, there is no Simoni!!


UtRider said...

Man, Simoni is the best. Well, maybe not the best but he's at least extremely entertaining.

Maybe the reason I don't ride as fast as I like is because I'm on a Trek. Maybe that's the angle I need to convince my wife of my need for a new bike.

I really think we'll see more than one Astana jersey on the podium in Paris.

When are you going to pin on a number again? I was planning to race Snowbird until I rode the course yesterday. Now I'm undecided...

Forrest said...

Ah, if you can't tell, I hate Treks and Simoni. Trek screwed me and a friend on a business relationship a few years ago and I have harbored a lot of animosity since then. They are a dirty company. One day I will publish the full story on the blog.

Simoni is the biggest cry baby and runs his mouth more than anyone else in cycling. Not a fan, even if he is trying to race on the dirt.

Not sure when I will pin the number on again. It might not be until cross season. I am going to Costa Rica and have some other adventures I need to take care of in the meantime. Like I said, I am a washed up weekend warrior. I encourage everyone to still race if they have the passion, its a good thing.

Jersey said...

Cancellara's sprint finish was awesome, he definitely honored the maillot jaune and showed that great tactics and perfect timing can beat pure power. Too bad he can't climb, or he'd be a real threat to podium in Paris. I agree with you about Levi, as much as I'd like to see another American win, he just doesn't have the heart to win a race like this.
I think Boonen may have worn himself down this year riding the long one day classics. His lead-out man has finished in front of him twice so far, what's up with that? I know he said the first one was a gift, but what the fuck? Is he going to win the green jersey without a stage win? If McEwen can't shake off the effects of his crash the other day, you think it could be a battle between Boonen and Thor?
I'm looking forward to the mountains. I think that skeleton Rasmussen is going to build on the Tour he had last year, if he doesn't fall down and crack in half! He is one skinny mofo.
And Zabel gives the rest of us old guys hope, dude, don't knock him.