Monday, July 23, 2007

Provo Float

Took the boys on their first Provo River tubing expedition on Sunday. Lots of fun all around. The river is running really high and was glad I had the boys in life vests. I wonder how many drunk dudes come close to drowning every year on the float? Also you wonder what's the story around the deflated boat wedged against the railroad bridge piling?

I think the boys got a kick out of watching the other tubers trying to do the float on random pool floaties. You know, the loungers, the arm floats, etc.... Our favorite was the group floating the river on a big inflatable shark or the big dude on the little float. We brought a spare tube in case we popped, learned the lesson the hard way back in the day. I chuckled when the guy sitting on the side of the river asked Max if he wanted a beer as he floated by.

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