Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bike Commute Day 32

It actually rained some this morning. I think we were well over 40 days without precipitation.

I have to give some Tour commentary. Levi "BobbleHead" Lepheimer will not podium at this years tour. Contador will become the leader. Also did anyone see the athlete profile on Levi. Levi thinks that Vino's attacking style is actually his weakness. Come on Levi, get a clue, thats why you wont win the Tour, Vino's attacking style stole 5th place from you on the Champs two years ago, obviously you still have not learned your lesson. You may beat Vino this tour, but he is still going to walk away with a stage win to save his TDF, something you will never do. Also I am not watching the tour to see people like you sit on wheels playing it safe, I watch to see people win with some flair, like Cancellera did this past week! But I dont think Vino is part man, part machine anymore, he actually broke down and cried when he admitted his dream of Tour victory is over. Also Levi you were crying about the 10 second penalty they gave to you for pulling on the car after your mechanical. Serves you right, you wouldnt have gotten the mechanical if you were on any other bike but a Trek, when are you going to learn??

I have to put Evans as a darkhorse to win it. I remember racing at the World Cup in Mammoth back in the 90's and a 16 yr old Evans was duking it out with Pros. He was too fast to race with the Juniors, the guy rocked it. That was back when Mtn Bike racing was legit with huge fields and legitimate turnouts. Euros actually flew to the states to race the big races. Does the US even have a World Cup mtn bike event anymore?? Mtn Bike racing died and all the good riders went over to the road. My heart still aches to think about what has happened to our sport.

I think Valverde will come away with the goods though and think Contador will take 3rd. The "chicken" will lose over 7 minutes in the time trials and once again fade away from the podium. Frenchie doesnt have a chance.

Australia has earned enough Karma to never crash or flat for the next 5 tours.

Linus Gerderman looks like he should be named Linus, go figure.

Thank god there is a sport like cycling for all those ugly mo fo's out there. I got to say they dont get much uglier than the "chicken". Dude goes uphill fast, but if the wind is too strong it could snap that dude in half!

Why does it seem like at every Giro or Tour that there is some skinny South American no one has ever heard of taking mountain glory?

Mayo might win a stage, but he too will lose way too much time in the time trials to come into the final podium.

Kloden still has an outside chance, but I think he is definitely a doper. Never has form except for the tour.

My two favorite Euro names to say out loud are "Inigo Landaluze" and "Andrey Kashechkin".

To all the Boonen haters, he delivered but McEwen couldnt get over the climbs within the time limit.

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