Monday, June 25, 2007

Uinta Weekend

The yurt is always a nice alternative to the tent. However the low points of the trip were rednecks deciding that the hundreds of miles of ATV trails in the area did not suffice them. They opted for doing donuts on ATVs up and down a pristine trout stream, doing at least 10 years of damage to the trout habitat and ruining any spawning beds.

Also you hear a lot about people getting lost and dying in the mountains up here, now I know why. As we were getting ready for dinner a couple pulls up on their ATVs. Rednecks at their finest; buzzed, smoking cigs and sunburn. "Do you know how the hell to get out of here", he hollers to me. "We got separated from our group hours ago and have no idea where we are. Also you got any water, I haven't had a beverage since noon, Timmy gots the cooler". Another classic Utah redneck.

Why fish the Provo with a billion other people when you have an entire river to yourself?

I am still amazed at how quick kids can fall asleep. Seriously 30 seconds before this picture he had diarrhea of the mouth!

Kids and water just go hand in hand.

The "Storm Trooper" made it through another trip! 200,000 miles and counting! I even had to use the 4x4 low option this trip. Notice that everything is starting to fall apart. First the bike rack broke from getting justled around on the dirt roads, hence the rope to keep things upright. Also the trunk refuses to stay open, hence the stick. I am going to drive this car into the ground. Best part of the trip, only used a half tank of gas!


Lauren said...

Wow! You guys always have such a great time camping. The memories you are creating will be fun to recall when the boys are older. They will make such great dads thanks to you!

Unknown said...

Wow, I've never seen Uinta yurts. Do you rent them?

Forrest said...

Many people have been asking me this. Yes, BRORA takes care of them and rents them out to BRORA members.

Anonymous said...

Utah isnt the only place with rednecks, in Tahoe they burn down forrests. Or mabey it was a couple hippies talking about saving the world while smoking a jiont, either way it sounds like someone smoking caused it. Nice to see you and your family getting to spend time in such a beautiful place!Soak it in thats real!