Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bike Commute Day 23 & 24

Still rolling! I felt good Monday, today I am a bit tired. On the way to work I usually stop at
7-11. I am suprised to see so much white trash up so early. Maybe they still have not gone to sleep.

This is a typical scene at 8 am at the 7-11. White trash mom with infants wearing sweat pants and flip flops is buying Chips, ice cream for the little ones, and a few 40 ouncers for the road. A construction crew buying hotdogs, hot wings, cases of beer and gallons of mtn dew right into their 5 gallon jug with the longest straw you have ever seen. Some illegal buying money orders and some secretary buying Virginia slims, coffee, and licorice. Its the same thing every day, but different people taking the role everyday. My favorite thing this morning was the construction worker buying cigs, 5 gallons of Dew and a cinnabon roll the size of a small pizza. Breakfast of champions.

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