Friday, May 18, 2007

Reality Check

I am going to race the singlespeed at Soldier Hollow this weekend. This race always has my number. It kicks my butt every year. Put it this way, I never ever let my wife drive when I am with her. The last two years I have had to have her drive home from the race, I was just too spent, that's saying something! I have never had a good showing here and I doubt I will have one this year. But, I am going to race and suck it up. I probably did too many days on the snowboard this spring, but hey, I race for different reasons now than I use to. I am going to rock a 34x20 gear. I think its the right ratio for this race and my fitness. I put a 2.35 tire up front to act as suspension on my rigid fork. I got the slimed tubes so I shouldnt get any flats. The rest is up to me.

Really being a bike racer is pretty selfish. Its always about you and no one else. Events of the last few years have forced me to be less selfish. I dont mind though, I have more family time and quality time with my loved ones. If you are able to juggle racing and these other commitments, more power to you, I just can't right now. On the flip side I have done more snowboarding, camping and flyfishing than I ever did when I was chasing the dream. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. To those that get last, way to go too, the person that really gets last is the one that didnt race.

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Art said...

Damn dude you are in for some pain. That course is a griner with gears. The horror, the horror...