Monday, May 21, 2007

Racing Green

I have been thinking a lot lately about racing green. Thats when you ride to the race, do the race, then ride home. No carbon footprint is left. I need to do that for one of these Intermountain Cup races.

I remember back in the day at the Colorado Point Series, this kid would ride to each venue, self supported and race. Sometimes he would be so spent he would barely finish, but late in the season he had built up some insane fitness. Riding from Telluride to Ft. Collins will do that to you. The problem being is am I fit enough to do it all? I challenge any one else to do the same, maybe some special prize should be given out to those that do it. I know a lot of you live close to the race course in Draper, maybe you should step it up and go green for this race and not drive your SUV to the race, or at least carpool. Think about it, I need some motivation.

On a different note I just got this email from my Aunt Cindy who lives in Maryland. This really motivates me. "Forrest i'm joining your plight, I will walk to work for 60 days, if you can bike for 100". Right on!


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

wow thats crazy. maybe one day.

im bringin 5 people in my van. thats got to help a bit.

Forrest said...

5 people in your van means 5 less cars, thats huge!

I have a feeling this is your weekend.

Team Rico said...

I need to get a Yakima mount for my scoot!

Forrest said...

Looks like I am going to have to step it up and ride to the race with all my gear. Its going to hurt going up to Wasatch Blvd from Draper after the race, that hill is huge! Also I will be on the singlespeed and totally spinning out on the road getting there.