Friday, May 11, 2007

Giro Predictions

Lamest year ever in the circus show I call professional European cycling. But I still follow it and watch it, why? And if you dont like me ripping on your favorite cyclist, go cry, write a poem about it and turn into an emo. And I dont want to hear that this years Tour is going to be dope free either.

Whats up with Basso's half confession? Is the dude in the mob or something, seriously his confession could have been a court room episode in the Sopranos! You know Discovery just thought Basso had gotten away with it, thats why they signed him. I love it! Riis was at least smart enough to know the show was over and got rid of him to save CSC's rear. They all dope and we all know it, so stop kidding yourselves and saying "but my favorite cyclist doesnt". Yeah and the front line in the NFL isnt on roids.

I am claiming that JJ Haedo is coming away with stage wins, along with Mcewen. Alice Petacchi (stole that from Art) is going to come up empty handed. Il Falco will win the overall, and its a given that Simoni will cry, blame someone else for losing the Giro. It will either be the fault of his team, his teamates, or that his doctor was not as good as Basso's. If you cant tell already, my least favorite cyclists in the peloton are Hincapie and Simoni.

Let the trash talk begin, after all, its only entertainment, like professional wrestling, you know its fake, but you are drawn to it.


Art said...

It is too bad Simoni is such a cry baby. The guy races MTB's fer christ sakes, I want to like him but I just can't. They should give a jersey to the biggest cry baby then he would have a real battle with Alice.

Forrest said...

Agreed! From now on in all grand tours, you will have the climbers jersey, the sprinters jersey, the overall jersey and the cry baby jersey!

I would actually have given the cry baby jersey to Lance in his last TDF ride for crying about Cadel Evans taking the sprint for 6th. Like you cant race for 6th Lance? I loved Evans comment that it was racing afterall, even if it was for 6th. Like they are going to bow down and let you win the sprint since you are Lance afterall!