Monday, April 16, 2007

Silverton....the sessions

Believe the hype, Silverton on pow day is epic. The views alone can't be topped. It looked like the middle of winter up there. Rode the resort on Saturday and hiked Red Mtn Pass on Sunday. The "resort", if you can call it that, is 6 miles down a dirt road outside of town. The lift ticket office is a yurt and there is no running water up there. One chairlift takes you up to 12,300 ft and then you hike your line. You ski out to the dirt road where a "vehicle" picks you up. Our mode of transportation was an old UPS truck. I guess you get free ski priveledges if you donate a usable van or truck to the cause. Click on some of the pictures of the mountains and you can see the tracks. To be honest, this trip made me miss Colorado. The San Juans are some of the most epic mountains in the lower 48. If you have never driven over Red Mountain Pass, then you are in a treat, 2 narrow lanes without guard rails, its the most gripped I have ever been on a road, especially when it was snowpacked and dark! Ben, you planned the trip and bailed out last minute, you missed an epic!

Click on the photos to enlarge and see all the tracks down the peaks!


Nose Dradamous said...

Ben and I got that place. We could only handle one day though at that altitude. None of us could sleep and then to get off the lift at 12,000 feet and hike for 50 min??? 1 day of shredding and we were done. Good picts Forrest.

Forrest said...

Yeah, the altitude is rough, first night did not sleep, but the second night I straight up passed out from utter exhaustion from the hiking. The next day hiking Red Mtn Pass worked me too. Slept solid the next few days!