Friday, March 30, 2007

Check it

Pete emailed me from Europe. It looks like Europe's dry season has come to an end and who better than Pete to get some! Check out his pics here.
Unity Snowboards

Me and Pete have had some of the best powder days of our lives together!

I doubt there is anyone that owns a snowboard company that rides more than Pete. Jake Burton isnt getting the same amount of days on the hill. You know when you get a board from Pete that a lot of love and pride has gone into the product. Buy from snowboarders, they ride and know what you need!

Of course I can't forget about my friends Aaron and Courtney from Nidecker. They ride, live close to me and have hooked me up with many boards over the years, another fine snowboard product! Me and Aaron (aka Boyer) have had many epic sessions and road trips over the years. Show them some love.

My point is that these people are real snowboarders, they live and breathe the sport. Think about that next time you buy something snowboard related. Did the product come from someone who hasnt been on the hill in years? My earlier rant about crappy products proves this point. If the person that designed it and put it to market rode, the product would have been rejected. Who designed this?.

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